About Us

At Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service, we have ample experience servicing homes in San Jose, CA. Being from the Bay Area ourselves gives us a unique appreciation for helping our friends and neighbors with their home maintenance needs.

A Typical Workday For Us

Would you like an insight into how we provide a professional customer experience?


Professionally strategizing : Planning out new projects and checking all the equipment. Making sure traffic is good and planning routes. Calling customers to confirm.


Working with home and business owners to create strategies that will lengthen the lives of their home and businesses. Cleaning, scrubbing, cutting, washing, helping.


Spending time with family, cooking, reading about new techniques, researching new products, cleaning equipment.


Our Values

We believe in delivering exceptional customer service based on honesty and integrity. We hope that practicing these values allows us to build relationships with our customers.

Our Mission

We work tirelessly to continue to grow our business by delivering results that are unmatched in the home maintenance industry.

Our Vision for our Community

We hope that one day, every homeowner in San Jose, CA does not have to worry about dirty gutters or houses.

Our Passion

We have a unique appreciation for home maintenance. We love getting our hands dirty to clean gutters, solar panels, and more. Nothing beats seeing the smile on a customer’s face after they’ve seen our work.


There’s no doubt about it, we specialize in working outside. While gutter services are our bread and butter, we offer comprehensive maintenance and cleaning packages.


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